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School, Child Care, and Public Playground Installations

School, Child Care, and Public Playground Installations

We have exclusive rights to some of the highest quality, most innovative and well made playscapes on offer from around the world. They are Omnitech Playgrounds and HAGS. Omnitech is proudly Australian that operates and manufactures in Melbourne. HAGS, founded in 1948, is one of the oldest and most recognised playground manufactures in the world.


Our two ranges are made of the highest quality. Our manufactures processes involve the use of UV stabilisers, high performance pigments and advanced polyester resin technology, as colour and gloss retention are critical, leading to durable, brighter and more colourful play equipment. We also offer anti-graffiti solutions and marine grade products.

All inclusive

"All for play and play for all." All children have the same desires for fun and excitement, the need for physical challenges, social interaction and intellectual stimulation. We are committed to providing play opportunities that are inclusive for children of all abilities. We understand how important play is as part of children's development.


Our ranges are committed to innovation. Both HAGS and Omnitech have teams that are are fully trained and educated in the latest industry standards and have a full understanding what it takes to design a child friendly playground.


With a wide range of products we provide a range of warranties. We have up to 20 year warranties for both our HAGS and Omnitech play equipment. Please contact us for more information regarding our warranties.