School Landscape Irrigation Services

Save money

Having the right school irrigation system saves money. By using the correct materials, proper design and scheduling program the bottom line is reduced. We have the expertise to design, install and maintain an appropriate irrigation system for your school that's water smart and efficient.


We source our products from leading stockists around Darwin. We use only the highest quality materials and that in the long run is going to save plenty of headaches and dollars. By using these high quality materials it means that our systems have a far greater life-span and there is much less maintenance.


Our team works with many schools throughout the Top End. We are approachable, friendly and work with schools to meet their needs. We work on weekends, after hours or during school holidays if and when required.

Speed and flexibility

We are extremely efficient when it comes to school irrigation. We realise that time is of the essence and we will work to your schedule. This usually means carrying out installations during school holidays. The dry season breaks are brief and as such we defer other jobs to meet school timelines and ensure the works are completed prior to school commencement. We also carry OHCHRE cards.