Darwin and Palmerston Residential Irrigation


We have the capability experience to install irrigation systems on a rural blocks, urban blocks and even in a high-rise buildings! We install systems that irrigate hectares of manicured lawns through to drip systems for herb gardens. Having a range of different products to choose from enables us to present numerous options when it comes to making a decision on your irrigation system.


Too often we are called in to repair and replace systems that are installed incorrectly. Having the experience, knowledge and training we install systems the right time the first time. Does the property consist of lawns and small gardens? Is it prone to hours of sunlight or is it shady fully tropical? Is the property at the top of a hill or at the bottom? Is the system designed to last 5 years or 30? What sort of grass do you have - buffalo, cooch, zoysia? We have a team that is experienced in the top end and that will give you a product that you ask for.

Cost benefits

Using water efficiently is becoming more and more important with the cost of living ever increasing. We design systems to our clients requirements and in all cases design systems that use water in the most efficient manner - unless required otherwise. By doing so it allows our clients to reduce their water bills and create their slice of tropical heaven in the outdoors.