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Quality irrigation, landscaping, and playground services in Darwin and wider Northern Territory.

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Our Darwin team has of years experience and is well equiped to handle the full spectrum of irrigation work. We design, supply, install and maintain irrigation systems for government, councils, schools, sporting institutions, commercial and residential clients. With clients throughout NT - we service the Darwin, Palmerston plus rural and remote areas across the Northern Territory.

Irrigation in Darwin is important

During the dry season, Darwin and Palmerston can experience zero rainfall for up to 7 months and water is a necessity for Top End living. Contrary to popular belief, Darwin and surrounding regions do not have an abundant water supply. So it is of significant importance that we save water at every opportunity.

Darwin Irrigation designed for Darwin conditions

Design is the first step that can help you save on water use and costs. Calculating the flow rate and pressure from your water source - be it from mains, tanks or bores - is crucial in determining what system you put in the ground. A carefully thought out plan will also save you on costs.

Irrigation products

By using quality products you are able to reduce many costs, such as something as simple as the number of sprinkler heads. Or the amount to pipe used, both of which, in turn, reduce the trenching required, which reduces the time and so it snow balls on. There are many variables to meet your requirements.

We use quality irrigation supplies

Using quality products is the first step in the right direction. We use only the best products when it comes to all areas of irrigation. Though prices off the shelf may seem higher, through our contacts with suppliers we can offer rewarding discounts and guarantee that in the long term using high quality products will not only save you money it will also just as importantly save water.

Why choose us for your irrigation services?

We aim to surpass your expectations throughout your irrigation installation and on going servicing.

We offer irrigation health checks throughout the year, typically:

  • a check before the wet season
  • after the wet season
  • and once during the dry.

We keep a record of our visits so we can identify previous completed works and keep on top of any maintenance issues.