Dripstone Irrigation

Dripstone High School

About the project

Dripstone High School was having trouble maintaining their fields during the Darwin dry season. Having installed a sophisticated new supply system (it raised the level of water pressure significantly) the water press was to high for the old system and consequently constantly required costly patchwork and maintenance. We designed and installed a new, automatic irrigation system that ran from the new supply system and that keeps the grassed areas green and looking great all year round. It now saves the school money and headaches when it comes to maintaining these grassed areas.

  • Budget: $50,000
  • Location: Tiwi
  • Workforce: 4
  • Timeline: 18 days
Dripstone Irrigation
Dripstone Irrigation
Dripstone Irrigation

What the client said

For the last 18 months Dripstone Middle School has engaged Hardy Landscaping to repair and maintain the school’s old and complicated irrigation system. As a result of this work Hardy Landscaping has been contracted to develop a master plan so that the irrigation system to the remaining areas can be scheduled for replacement.
Dripstone Middle School