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Reducing your water bill

Water is precious.... and costly!

In today's environment our water is an extremely precious resource. After the levy of the Darwin River dam was raised a few years ago, the greater Darwin region has had the fortune of having a considerable amount of 'safe' water.  Did you know that the Darwin River dam provides about 90 per cent of greater Darwins' water supply? And as every Top Ender knows we cannot rely on the heavens to open all year long. In the top end we can really only rely on rainfall for about 3-4 months of the year. As the Top End population grows we will consume more water, which means we will we need larger water storages.  The last thing anyone wants is water restrictions, so this blog is all about how to extend our water usage hopefully preventing such measures from being imposed.  You will find some tips easy to apply to everyday life. 

Saving water in the garden

This is, after all, an irrigation blog, so lets start with the outdoor ways to conserve water.

Firstly, using automatic irrigation systems saves you water.  As they are automatic the systems will turn themselves off after a designated amount of time. Different watering times can be allocated to different gardens and different lawns and on different days. This is a great water saving technique.  Try watering every second or third day at the start of the dry, rather than every day. So, here is just a snapshot of some water saving tips...

  1. Check your irrigation system for leaks. Leaks can be the most expensive part of your bill.
  2. Mulch your gardens.  It will slow the evaporation rate and help prevent weeds!
  3. Use a broom or blower to clean the driveway - not a hose!
  4. Put an empty tuna can on the lawn when watering - when it is full it has had enough.
  5. Use organic matter in your garden - it will increase the water retention.
  6. Plant native species in your garden.

Click here and be sure the have a look at the link,  WATER - USE IT WISELY.

And while we're at it....

At Hardy Landscaping we would like to see water extended across all areas of the household.  No just in the garden. It is certainly worth taking the time to visit the Living Water Smart website and working out ways in which your household can improve its water use.  Watch the movie at the end of this blog that paints a picture of greater Darwin's water situation.

Here is a small a list of some water saving techniques around the house:

  1. Take shorter showers
  2. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  3. Rinse your razor in the sink, not under the running tap.
  4. Use a 5-Star dishwasher and washing machine, and only for full loads.
  5. Use a pool cover 
  6. Convert to a water saving shower head.
  7. There are so many more, so please visit the water saving websites in this blog and pick up a technique or two to implement.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE SHORT AD BELOW.  Lets use our water wisely!

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