The Dry season is upon us.

Posted on 16 March, 2015 in Irrigation

Is your irrigation system up to the task?

We are fully aware of the impending dry season and the last fortnight has been no exception.  Soaring temperatures and no rain has left our ovals, lawns and gardens somewhat vulnerable. There are often extended dry periods during wet seasons and it is a good and timely opportunity to give your system a run, making sure that there are no new faults or repairs needed. This will hold you in good stead for the dry season.

How we can help.

We offer comprehensive irrigation health checks.  From the point of first contact, we take your contact details, organise an appointment and then thoroughly examine your irrigation system.  A health check includes: checking the controller, solenoids and valves, examining your sprinklers and detecting any leaks.  From there we produce a report and include any recommendations we think necessary.  This could include replacing particular items that are beyond their useful life or it may be just that a simple change is needed in your watering schedule.  If your irrigation system is going to cost you more in the long term to keep repairing we can design and install a complete new system.

I have used Ed from Hardy Landscaping all this dry season to carry out maintence and extensions to our existing system which is on our 5 acre block. Some of the tasks have been challenging to say the least! Particularly working with old irrigation and big established gardens. To Ed's credit he always has a great attitude, is reliable and his work is second to none. I'd thoroughly recommend him and his workmanship.     -  Paul Van Den Broek. Yarrawonga. 10/2014.


VIRGINIA irrigation install

Tired of using taps and hoses?

Not only is it a whole lot neater having an in-ground automatic watering system (no messy hoses) you do not have to move the sprinkler 50 times to cover all your lawn and gardens AND it will turn itself off!  Who is guilty of leaving the sprinkler on overnight and wasting water? We see it all the time. It is our forte installing new in-ground irrigation systems.  We use the highest quality fixtures and fittings and the most water efficient materials.  MP rotators are a favourite sprinkler to install. Not only are they funky, but they are extremely efficient on water usage.


MP Rotator

In our next irrigation blog we will go into more detail on water saving materials and methods.  Stay tuned! 

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