Advances in modern playground design that keep children safe

Posted on 06 June, 2016 in Playgrounds, Playscapes Advances in modern playground design that keep children safe

Hardy Landscaping places a huge amount of pride in all of our work, but none so much as our playground installations. We take safety extremely seriously. That’s why we educate ourselves on the advances in modern playground design and safety. We recognise that an outdoor play area carries a fundamental role in children’s development and education; not only is it a place to run off energy, enjoy the outdoors, and be fit and active, but it is also a place to develop cognitive and social skills as well. We can help you do all you can to create a safe environment for imaginative and active play for the benefit of parents, children, care providers and everyone - to ensure we raise a well-balanced, healthy generation.

How can Hardy Landscaping guarantee the safety of their playgrounds?

We have exclusive rights to some of the highest quality, most innovative and well-made playscapes on offer. We install playscapes from Omnitech and HAGS to ensure the play equipment we use is of the highest standard - meaning safer, brighter, more durable play equipment that will last longer. The play equipment we use is designed with playground safety in mind and our team will do all they can to maximise safety in your play area.

Omnitech and HAGS Playgrounds

Omnitech has been synonymous with the playground industry in Australia for more than 20 years and employs a trained design team educated in the latest industry standards in design innovation and technology. An Extreme range is available, designed to encourage children to extend themselves in a setting that is both challenging and forgiving. Rather than just swings and slides, there are omniropes for a more exciting and challenging climbing experience, play panels for interactive play, trirockers for balance and atypical movement, and rock walls designed to provide an experience akin to rock climbing.

Founded in 1948, HAGS is one of the oldest and most widely recognised playground manufacturers in the world. Their range includes themed play equipment and designs which contribute to children’s physical wellbeing and social development. Omnitech and HAGS have a full and complete understanding of what it takes to design a child-friendly playground. All equipment produced by both companies meets the current regulations and safety standards.

Are modern playground designs durable?

Our two playground range options will bring you world class quality and variety. Our manufacturer’s processes involve the use of UV stabiliser, high-performance pigments, and advanced polyester resin technology; colour and gloss retention are critical and the result is more durable, stimulating, brighter, and more colourful play equipment. Omnitech playgrounds have more than 30 years experience in metal fabrication and coating, including powder and PVC coating. We also offer anti-graffiti solutions and marine grade products.

How are the new playground designs inclusive for all children?

We believe that play should be accessible for all children, regardless of age and ability. With the innovations in inclusive play equipment, we are able to offer playgrounds with new ramps, swings, sensory panels, and interactive play systems to aid play opportunities for all abilities.

Are you able to refurbish an old playground?

Yes! We carried out a case study on an potentially unsafe playground in Borroloola which had parts that needed to be replaced because of their age. We installed new parts where necessary, plus a 60- square metre rubber softball pad beneath the existing playground. Even after running into a couple of minor hiccups, we were able to successfully complete the job in just seven days - much to the delight of some very excited preschoolers!

Hardy Landscaping offers up to 20-year warranties for both our HAGS and Omnitech play equipment. Please contact us for more information regarding our warranties, or if you’d like to set up a consultation to talk about our playground range options.

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