Working with Mother Nature: Must-Do's for Maintaining Your Irrigation System

Posted on 02 October, 2017 in Maintenance, Irrigation Working with Mother Nature: Must-Do's for Maintaining Your Irrigation System

Watering a lawn with an irrigation system can account for nearly 50 per cent of your total water use. Since the cost of supplying water is expensive in Darwin and other parts of Australia, you could end up paying huge sums of money towards your water bills. With an efficient irrigation system in place, you can not only create hearty landscapes, but you can save water and money, as well.

Regular maintenance can prevent water wastage and keep your lawn looking its best season after season. Take a look at these tips that will help you maintain a fully functional irrigation system.

Tips for Maintaining your Irrigation System

Perform a Visual Inspection

Spend time inspecting your irrigation system and look for obvious signs of wear and tear. Be on the lookout for poor water pressure, broken parts, leaks, and obstructions. If the sprinkler head is malfunctioning, it won’t be able to distribute water across your lawn evenly. You might have a few wet spots in the garden that could eventually damage your plants.

Think About Sprinkler Heads

If you notice water squirting out around the sprinkler head, you must inspect the sprinkler head and the pipes for leaks.

Pay attention to sprinkler head position. If they’re tilted or leaning towards one side, they will water your lawn unevenly. Also, make sure the sprinklers aren’t watering the driveway or any other hard surfaces. If they are, turn them on and re-position them, so they spray water onto your lawn. 

Consider Seasonal Changes

You will have to change controller settings as the seasons change. If your lawn receives a lot of sunlight, it will need more water. Change your irrigation system’s run time according to the season. Your plants won’t require as much water during the cool or wet months. Avoid wasting water and adjust the controller settings you need to according the the weather.

Check the Nozzles

If the nozzles on your sprinkler heads don’t function properly, you will have to clean them manually. Turn off the system and take the nozzle apart. You might have to use a screwdriver to do this. Wash the nozzle to get rid of debris. You could also use a brush to get rid of stubborn residue. Check the filters for damage. Replace them if you have to or simply rinse them and put them back in place.

Look at System Pressure

If the water pressure is not as strong as it used to be, there might be leaks in the system. Look for wet spots or squirting water, and take care of any defects as soon as possible.

Winter Proof your Irrigation System

The temperature in some of parts of Australia goes below the freezing point in the winter months. To make sure your pipes don’t swell and burst in the colder season, ask the professionals to winter-proof your irrigation system. They will use an air compressor to remove all of the water from the lines, so they don’t expand in the winter months.

While it’s easy to maintain an irrigation system, not everyone has the time or the ability to inspect and adjust irrigation systems routinely. Call in the professionals if you can’t attend to these tasks on your own.

Professional Landscaping Services

Professional landscapers take water conservation seriously. They know how to plan, install and even repair irrigation systems. They have all the tools that are required for the job, too. A local landscaper can keep your lawn in perfect condition.

If you need help maintaining your irrigation system, get in touch with your local landscaping experts, like those at at Hardy Landscaping. You want an experienced company like Hardy that has installed many types of irrigation systems for both residential and commercial projects. You can't do wrong with a landscaper that has earned a reputation for providing quality work and great customer service. A landscaper can provide valuable information and advice, while working within your budget. 

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