Looking After Your Lawn

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We know that tending to our lawns is an Australian pastime so we've jotted down some things to help keep your lawn lush. We've also jotted down a few things if you're considering putting in a new lawn this dry. 

For an established lawn:

1. Don't mow your lawn too short. You should cut a third of the height and aim to have the grass >4cm in height. Longer blades of grass shade the roots and help reduce evaporation. 

2. Mow when the ground is dry and not after you've watered the lawn or after any rain. If you have to mow when damp then make sure you catch the clippings. 

3. It's important to have a watering schedule. An automatic irrigation system makes sure your lawn is watered appropriately and scheduling can be changed between wet and dry seasons. It's best to turn the irrigation system off in the rainy season and let the rain do the watering. 

4. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning before the sun comes up. This is why an automatic system is useful. Watering before the sun comes up means less water is lost due to evaporation and the lawn has the water it needs during the day. You can also water after dark, however in the humid times of the year it may cause a nice breeding ground for bacteria and disease to develop in your lawn. 

5. Fertilise your lawn with a good slow release fertiliser about twice a year. Healthy lawns need up to 30% less water. 

6. Pull out any weeds that start to grow in your lawn. 

If you are putting in a new lawn:

1. Make sure you have quality topsoil and have a good amount of depth - around 100mm.

2. Choose a grass appropriate to the tropical climate. We use a variety of grass species that suit a range of tastes and budget. Our favourite is Zoysia. It thrives in humid climates. Zoysia has many environmental benefits and low maintenance requirements. 

3. Install an automatic irrigation system to schedule your watering. New lawns whether seed, rolled out turf or clumps, need more frequent watering initially to help establish a good root system. 

4. Lawns tend to consume 90% of a garden's water. You might want to consider adding in some other options such as paving to save on watering costs later on. 

There's a few tips for now. Hope you're enjoying this awesome dry weather. 

Over and out. 

Looking After Your Lawn

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