The Importance Of Playgrounds In Childhood (And Beyond!)

Posted on 19 January, 2017 in Playgrounds The Importance Of Playgrounds In Childhood (And Beyond!)

As adults, we sometimes dismiss the importance of play in childhood. We act as if play is something silly that children do, while learning is somehow the real work of childhood. Play is, in fact, a crucial function of childhood. All animals play, they learn important physical and social lessons. Let's talk about how crucial playgrounds are for children.

Playgrounds Build Bodies

The Importance Of Playgrounds In Childhood (And Beyond!)

The physical benefits of play seem obvious, especially in a world where we hear more and more about how children are becoming increasingly obese. By exploring their world, climbing, sliding, and balancing their bodies, kids get important physical activity. But they also become more confident in what their bodies can do. This causes them to be less fearful and more excited about exploring.

Playing outside also helps kids get crucial Vitamin D which is necessary for strong teeth, bones, and overall physical well-being. Some doctors have even seen an increase in rickets, a Vitamin D deficiency that causes bowed legs and weak bones, as kids spend more time indoors and less time outside.

Physical exertion is also necessary for mental learning. Many studies have shown that by moving their bodies, kids activate their brains and reset their stress levels which helps them do better in school.

Playgrounds Build Minds

The Importance Of Playgrounds In Childhood (And Beyond!)

While the physical benefits of playgrounds are familiar to most people, the mental and social benefits may be less well understood. While at the playground, kids:

  • Build their social skills. By needing to negotiate, take turns, and talk to other kids, children can practice their social skills for later situations that could be more stressful.
  • Learn acceptable social behaviors. A classroom is a very specific social situation, and not all kids easily transfer skills out of the classroom into homes or other settings. Playgrounds provide kids with the chance to practice social behavior and learn more about what is and what is not acceptable.
  • Improve concentration. Teachers and parents know that kids can only concentrate for so long, and then they need a break to engage their bodies and recharge their brains. Whether they're breaking away from school work or chores, engaging in some gross motor activities can help them sit back down with fresh focus.
  • Practice with imagination. Adults often think of imagination as something a person either has or does not have. Believe it or not, kids actually learn to develop their imagination during play. By exploring activities like swings, forts, slides, and other playground equipment, kids get to engage in imaginative play, crucial for cognitive development.

What sort of playground do you need?

At Hardy Landscaping, we know that you may want a playground for your school, neighborhood, or community building. But you may not know exactly what that playground should look like. How many children are likely to use the space, the age of the children, and the overall weather and current area usage are all factors that determine the best approach.

When you contact Hardy Landscaping for services in either Darwin or the overall Northern Territories, you are working with experienced landscapers who can help you narrow down your choices to find the perfect playground for your space. We can help you design and create a fun, safe, and educational playground that children and parents will love. This will help to make your area a go-to destination for busy parents and kids who are excited to play.

If you're ready to start designing, or want to know more about playground creation and the other irrigation and landscaping services offered by Hardy Landscaping, get in touch with us today. We are ready to help you create the perfect space.

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