How to Get Kids Involved in Water Conservation

Posted on 11 August, 2016 in Water Conservation How to Get Kids Involved in Water Conservation

Water conservation is something that effects everyone in the world, adults and children alike. The best way to get your kids involved in water preservation to protect our environment is to start with water education from an early age. This way, they'll be inspired to make positive changes for the rest of their lives.

Territorians on average use more than twice as much water as people in other states, so conserving water in Top End is of the utmost importance. Even the smallest changes by the smallest members of your family can add up to big water savings over time. Read on for our tips on getting your kids involved with this important conservation effort.

At School

Many Top End schools have started planting community gardens in which students can learn to grow their own food. This is a great place for water education as well. If your child's school offers this innovative program, encourage him or her to get involved. If this option is not available, gather up some other parents and present the idea to the school, explaining about the benefits these programs have, not just for the children, but for the environment as well.

Outside Your Home

Even if your kids do have access to a garden at school, they can still help out in your garden at home as well, as this is where most homes use about 60 percent of their total water usage. Pick plants that are well-suited to the soil in your yard, and group plants according to how much water they need. This will make it easier to water them efficiently. The key to a water-efficient garden is the soil. Keep yours healthy by using mulch and organic fertilisers.

A proper irrigation system can help keep your garden watered well, using more water where it is needed and conserving water where it is not. Try to water your garden at night, if possible. This will help to reduce evaporation so that the water makes it to where it is needed most. Remember to turn off your irrigation system if it rains!

How to Get Kids Involved in Water Conservation

Inside Your Home

Gardens are not the only places where you and your kids can save water. There are plenty of opportunities for water conservation inside the home as well. Most of the water used in the home comes from the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. Encourage your children to take short showers rather than spending ages in the shower (five minutes is plenty!) or bath. You could save up to 1,000 gallons of water per month. Make sure your kids know to alert you to any leaky faucets around the house so you can get them seen to straight away.

You can also save water by collecting the water that you use to wash your fruits and vegetables. You can then reuse that same water to water the plants in your garden or around the house. When your pets need baths, wash them outside in an area of your lawn that needs watering, rather than inside in the bathtub or sink. Just be sure to turn the water off while you are shampooing them up.

Hardy Landscaping Can Get You Set Up

The best way to save water in your yard is to have an experienced professional install and maintain your irrigation system. Here at Hardy Landscaping, we offer our irrigation services to customers throughout the Top End. We understand the dry conditions here and can install a system that will keep your plants hydrated without wasting precious water. Get in touch with us today at 0408 083 383 to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your family conserve water in your garden.

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