Greenwood Crescent Playground Upgrade

Posted on 16 June, 2015 in

Hardy Playscapes is the newest arm to the business and arguably the most enjoyable. We recently finished the Greenwood Crescent playground upgrade in Moil. It was great to see the kids in the neighbourhood eager to get outdoors and play on the new playground.

We have a large selection of playground options available and it's also possible to custom design your own playground using our Australian and European suppliers. The Greenwood Cescent playground has our favourite piece to play on; the track ride, along with a burmese bridge, naughts and crosses, rocky ramble, caterpillar slide, swing set and spider net which is surrounded by certified playground sand which we get from our local Darwin supplier. 

Here is a time lapse of the upgrade for Greenwood Cres.

Greenwood Crescent Playground Upgrade on Vimeo.

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