Fantastic outdoor landscapes to visit this dry season

Posted on 10 March, 2017 in Dry Season, Landscaping Fantastic outdoor landscapes to visit this dry season

We spend a lot of our time outside, designing and building landscapes, irrigation systems, and playgrounds - and boy, let me tell you, we’re looking forward to the dry season. Even though Darwin had a good wet season this year, breaking several rainfall records, many of us are looking forward to the cooler dry season weather. The dry season in Darwin lets us get outside and enjoy some the fantastic outdoor landscapes in the greater Darwin area and beyond. We thought we’d share a few of our favourites with you, and how these places can inspire your residential and commercial landscape projects.

Nightcliff foreshore

Long winding exercise paths, bordered by lush green lawns and tall trees, travel from the yellow Rapid Creek Bridge to the Nightcliff Jetty with sea side views the entire length. A great place for a walk, bike ride, or to simply enjoy a relaxed family picnic.

Fantastic outdoor landscapes to visit this dry season
Photo by Ken Hodge

Introducing colour and texture to your landscape

The mix of colours from the green trees and grass, to the white and ash rocks of the beach, the soft yellow sands, and the blue water is something you can bring into your home or commercial landscape. Introduce colour and texture into your landscape with:

  • Water features
  • Paved paths
  • Natural turf
  • Rock or stone features and walls
  • Sand pits and play areas

Florence Falls

Located in Litchfield National Park, about 140km outside of Darwin, Florence Falls is a popular waterfall and swimming spot during the dry season. Formed within a tree-covered valley, the base of the falls typically has a mix of naturally shaded and sunny areas, making it easy to get out of the sun while still enjoying the natural surrounds. Florence Falls, and the wider national park, is a great day trip destination with friends and family.

Fantastic outdoor landscapes to visit this dry season
Photo by Hasitha Tudugalle

Space and shade

Florence Falls makes us think of of space and shade in Darwin landscape design.

Extended sun exposure is no fun, whether in the wet or dry seasons, and providing shaded areas in your next landscape project should be considered. Design your landscape around existing tall trees that provide natural cover, or consider introducing shade sails over open areas and pools.

Good landscape design also considers the use of the outdoor space, and introduces paths, walkways, and open spaces that match the intended use of the environment. Combining useful spaces with sheltered or shaded areas is especially important for schools, commercial or public areas to ensure that the space can be used throughout the year.

George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

A beautiful and interesting gem of a place that Darwin locals sometimes forget. Beautifully shaded walkways take you through a number of native habitats from across the Northern Territory. This dry season, make a point to visit the Botanic Gardens and take a stroll through the orchid greenhouse, rainforest trail (there’s a hidden waterfall at the halfway point), shade garden and the desert landscape.

Fantastic outdoor landscapes to visit this dry seasonPhoto by Stephen Michael Barnett

Combining hard and soft landscaping

Throughout the Botanic Gardens you’ll find pathways, stone work, fountains, retaining walls, decking, timbre features and sculptures. It’s a great place to get inspired about combining hard and soft features to create beautiful landscapes. It’s also a great place to get ideas about the broad range of plant types, and planting options, that thrive in Darwin’s tropical climate.

The gardens also showcase how hard and soft landscaping can be applied on a larger scale and give businesses, schools and commercial premises ideas on how to bring a truly Territory feel into their landscaping.

What's your favourite outdoor destination?

There’s three of our favourite outdoor landscapes, and how they can inspire your next residential or commercial landscape project. The dry season is just around the corner and we’d love for you to share your favourite outdoor locations in the Darwin area.

Where will you be visiting during the cooler dry season months? Let us know on Facebook.

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