How cheap irrigation parts can cost you money

Posted on 28 June, 2016 in Dry Season, Irrigation How cheap irrigation parts can cost you money

During the Northern Territory’s dry season, it is essential to have an efficient irrigation system in place to keep your property’s landscape in top condition. Darwin and Palmerston can experience zero rainfall for up to seven months a year; you will want to be prepared well in advance for those dry, sunny days without any rain.

Whilst is may be tempting to go for cheaper, discount store versions when purchasing parts for your irrigation system, in the long-run you are likely to find yourself out of pocket. It won’t seem like such a good idea when your whole system breaks down and your land is in desperate need of water. Instead, investing in quality irrigation parts will give you the best chance of maintaining a fully operational irrigation system when you really need it.

Save Water, Save Money

During the dry season, it is more important than ever to use water sparingly - and in the most efficient manner. That’s why you should ask the experts for advice. By hiring a landscaping company from the Northern Territory, you can be certain that you are in touch with professionals who understand the significance of the area’s tropical weather and the effect it has on the land each year.

Hardy Landscaping designs irrigation systems for Darwin conditions by using water in the most efficient way. Happily, this also has the benefit of reducing our client’s water bills. We calculate the flow rate and pressure from your water source to determine the right system for your ground, and provide you with the relevant information and prices to enable you to make a decision to suit your needs, those of the environment, and your budget.

Invest Wisely From the Start

You may assume that if you save on cheap irrigation products, then it will make up for the potential savings on water costs and that it will make no difference to your irrigation system anyway to use these parts. However, the little parts do matter, and we advise you not to cut corners when it comes to the quality and amount of supplies you purchase. If you hire a landscaper who knows the whys and wherefores of irrigation systems, and which products to recommend, it will be much better in the long run. For example, an expert at Hardy Landscaping can advise you on how many sprinkler heads and the amount of pipe you need; as a result, you will minimise the trenching required, which in turn reduces the labour, and so on.

Pay More Now - Save More Later

The price can be a bit of a shock when you first buy parts and supplies for your irrigation system. Hardy Landscaping can help you here; over the years, we have forged relationships with our suppliers and we are able to pass on rewards and discounts to our customers. We also guarantee that by buying and using quality irrigation products now, you will save money and water later - which is paramount during the dry season in Darwin.

Hire an Experienced Irrigation Service Provider

You know the saying "you get what you pay for?" Well, the same principle applies to hiring Darwin irrigation specialists. We have first-hand experience of this old adage because we are often called in to repair and replace systems that have been installed incorrectly. We know that it pays to use qualified, knowledgeable specialists with the relevant training to install your irrigation system the right way first time, and that is what you get with Hardy Landscaping.

Serving Darwin, Palmerston, and the surrounding rural areas, Hardy Landscaping provides a range of landscaping, irrigation, and playground installation services. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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