Automatic Gates

Posted on 10 March, 2015 in Gates, Landscaping

Considerations when choosing an automatic gate.

Owning an automatic gate has numerous advantages, primarily security, but also convenience and aesthetics.  Automatic gates come in all shapes and sizes suitable for a wide range of clientele - residential, commercial and industrial.  There are numerous options when choosing an automatic gate, firstly you have the option between sliding or double opening gates. Then you choose between electric or solar powered motors and lastly the design (custom design, aluminium/steel, tubular/slatted, laser cut designs, powder coated)

Sliding and double opening gates

As a rule of thumb, sliding gates are generally the preferred option in the NT.  They require a flat concrete pad with a steel track for the gate to run on. There are always numerous options when choosing an automatic gate but the main factors to consider are style, cost, and functionality.  

Rural solar powered automatic gate


Double opening gates are an alternative to sliders. Sometimes they are the preferred option, and sometimes, the only option. When we have had to overcome obstacles (trees, gardens, posts, hills, retaining walls, etc) that are obstructing a potential sliding gate, installing two swinging gates is a viable alternative. We have electric and solar motors that can swing gates that weigh over 400kg each!!

"From the beginning we left everything in Ed's hands and the whole process was really smooth. He helped with the design and kept us informed for the duration of the job."
- Jenny Steele, Parap

Electric and solar motors

After deciding on what will be the best style of gate for your property, you then need to decide on the type of motor to install. Solar or electric? There are also accessories you may wish to add. Both solar and electric have their benefits. The main benefits of solar is that they can significantly reduce installation costs at some properties.  For example, if you live in a rural area or if you have underground services that need to be avoided. Most often body corporates elect to use a solar motor as they do not have a communal power source from which every unit shares. Solar obviously is cheaper to run!

Automatic GatesAccessories

Both types of motors have the following accessories:

  • Long range remote controls - up to 800m
  • Entry keypads.  Ideal for body corporates and when an access gate cannot be built.
  • Wireless exit switches (push button)
  • Photoelectric sensors - to sense and prevent any closure of the gate
  • Extra remote controls 

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