7 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Posted on 05 May, 2017 in Lawn, Maintenance 7 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

Looking after your lawn isn’t simply another job around the house, it’s a pastime for many people here in Darwin. A perfectly manicured lawn not only looks great, but it can add value to your home. However, it also requires careful planning and a willingness to put in a little work. Don’t know where to begin? Follow these seven tips to ensure you have a beautiful lawn.

1. Don’t cut the grass too short

The height of your lawn is vital to its health. While you might think cutting as short as possible means less work, you’re also damaging it in the process. Longer grass blades help shade the roots and reduce evaporation, allowing the entire lawn to stay healthy. The ideal height of grass can vary depending on the type, but anything over 4 centimetres, which is roughly the same size as a golf ball, is usually acceptable.

2. Know when to mow

Not only is it important to keep an eye on the length of the grass when you cut it, but you should pay attention to the conditions of the lawn before mowing it. Cutting your lawn while it is wet can cause problems. Grass clippings can clump together and cover your lawn, making it look bad. Additionally, you might end up with an uneven cut, with some areas longer than others.

3. Timing is everything

When it comes to watering your lawn, timing matters. You’ll want to have a regular schedule in place to ensure it gets just the right amount. Remember, too little or too much water can cause harm to your lawn. The best time to water is before the sun rises each day. Doing it before daybreak ensures less water is lost due to evaporation and the lawn has the water it needs once the sun starts beating down on it.

Of course, waking up each and every morning to keep your lawn looking great is a lot of work. This is where an automatic irrigation system can come in handy. Having one installed will allow you to choose when you want the lawn to be watered without having to get out of bed. It also means that should you go on holiday, you don’t have to worry about returning to a lawn that’s in disrepair since no one was watering it.

4. Keep the weeds away

It is important to keep your lawn free of weeds. Not only do these little buggers take away from the appeal of your green area, but they can also take over if left unchecked. Be sure to regularly scan your lawn for weeds and eliminate any you may come across.

5. Don’t forget to fertilise

It’s recommended that you fertilise your lawn with a good, slow release fertiliser twice a year. A healthy lawn requires up to 30 per cent less water, which will save you money in the long run.

6. Add some pizazz

A stone garden or paved walkway can add some much needed pizazz to your lawn while also easing some of your maintenance burdens. Large lawns require a lot of time, effort and money to care for. Replacing some of your grass with a stone garden not only adds some landscape flair to your yard, but also reduces your lawn maintenance requirements.

A paved walkway is another wise addition to your lawn that has multiple benefits. People walking on your lawn regularly can harm it and create a worn down path or dead spots that are very unappealing. And, like the rock garden, installing a paved walkway means you have less grass to water and mow.

7. Don’t be afraid to start over

When a person moves into a new house and the lawn is on its last legs, they will spend months trying to bring it back to glory. The results of the process can be mixed. In some cases it is easier and more cost efficient to install a new lawn. The unforgiving climate in Darwin and the Northern Territory can make it difficult for lawn restoration efforts.

Additionally, installing a new lawn allows you to add some landscaping features or playscapes without having to worry about the impact of these efforts. The work required to repave the driveway or add a footpath puts a great deal of stress on a new lawn, so it makes sense to do it before the grass is laid.

Whether you want to install a new lawn, put in an automatic irrigation system or surprise your children with a new playground that doesn’t tear up the lawn, the friendly experts at Hardy Landscaping can help. Our invaluable local knowledge allows us to tackle any landscaping task in the Greater Darwin area. Contact our friendly team to get started today.

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